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Estimates are in on town hall plans in Litchfield (09-06-18)

A long wait for estimates of the cost of building a new town hall in Litchfield and renovating the former Litchfield County courthouse for use as a town hall ended Wednesday.
The estimates, however, are considered preliminary and subject to change as the town hall review committee sinks its teeth into them over the next two weeks.
Estimates came from Burlington Construction of Torrington and JLC Pre-Construction Services of Madison.
Burlington Construction’s estimates show a cost of $7.7 million for a new town hall on the lot behind Town Hall and a cost of $6.4 million to convert the former courthouse. JLC Pre-Construction Services shows estimates of $8.7 million for a new town hall and $7 million to renovate the old courthouse.
Town hall review committee members will scrutinize the estimates and resume discussion of them on Sept. 19, when a decision could be made on whether to recommend one of the projects to the Board of Selectmen.
Until the committee reconvenes, two of its members, Jason Travelstead and James Hilby will work with Burlington Construction and JLC Pre-Construction Services to fine tune the estimates.
Another estimate the committee has had for several weeks is $6.4 million for a new town hall. The estimate was prepared by the committee’s architect, John Martin of Torrington.
Selectmen would determine if the project recommended to them should be brought to a referendum that would be held in December.
Wednesday’s meeting of the committee saw developer Russell Barton of Litchfield express his interest in the old courthouse. If the project doesn’t make the cut, Barton said he would like to buy the building from the Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust and turn it into a community theater that would provide economic benefit for the town and its businesses.
The GLPT’s goal is to donate the building to the town for use as a town hall.