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Litchfield selectmen teams set their election platforms (09-08-19)


Above, the Litchfield Republican Party team for the Board of Selectmen, from left, Thomas Waterhouse, Jon Torrant and Bill Burgess. Below, the Democratic team of Jeff Zullo, Denise Raap and Anne C. Dranginis. BZ photos

Election season in Litchfield is underway, particularly at the Board of Selectmen level where six candidates are vying for five seats.

On the Republican side, Selectman Jon Torrant is seeking the first selectman's seat and his running mates for selectmen are Board of Finance Chairman Bill Burgess and former Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Thomas Waterhouse.

The Democratic slate is headed by Denise Raap, who is running for first selectman and serves on planning and zoning. Her running mates are Selectmen Anne C. Dranginis and Jeff Zullo.

Both parties have issued campaign platforms as the election season begins to unfold.

For the Republicans, the goals are accountable leadership, fiscal discipline, community-based empowerment and self-reliance, transparency, manageable economic growth, sustainability, and putting the community first. Specifically, the GOP selectmen team cites a need to develop a plan to reduce government cost, address the needs of Town Hall and the former Bantam School, support collaboration with Region 6, help town businesses and entrepreneurs make regional connections, invest in infrastructure and environmental improvements, and improve interaction between town boards and commissions.

Republican candidates will be available to meet the public during a GOP open house Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the White Memorial Conservation Center. In addition to the selectmen candidates, Republican candidates for other boards and commissions will be present.

Democrats are promoting a need for the boards of selectmen, education and finance to collaborate in creating responsible budgets, to implement strategic planning that would improve town operations, reduce debt, enhance education, maintain town property and equipment, and to preserve and protect town heritage, open space and natural resources.

Service to the public will be the top goal for the Democrats, who vow to think creatively, understand all sides of issues, and treat people with respect. Democrats will hold a fundraiser Sept. 26 at the Litchfield Distillery from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The party's candidates will be available to meet the public.

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