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Dear Editor,
On Wednesday May 10th, residents of Litchfield attended a town meeting where they ratified a $30+ million budget and they approved a simple ordinance that banned toxic fracking waste from our roads. The town meeting overwhelmingly endorsed the fracking ban with a 127 yea to 7 nay vote. It assures us that poisonous chemicals will not be running off our roads onto our properties, streams and lakes. The idea is a “no brainer” and it cost nothing other than some administrative paperwork. 
What disturbs me is that our First Selectman, Leo Paul was one of the seven people who voted no to the ordinance and I am concerned that he has lost touch with his constituents. How is it that 95% of the townspeople at the meeting could see and understand an action which is good and purposeful and he could not?  It makes me wonder what other decisions he makes contrary to the safety and desires of the residents of Litchfield.
Daniel Fowler
Dear Parents and Community Members,

In an ongoing effort to provide greater transparency and improve communications with the community the Litchfield Board of Education would like to provide information on the following topics:

- The Town Budget Hearing - April 26th, 2017
- Operational changes concerning school custodial services- Effective July 1st, 2017
- School exterior building maintenance  - ongoing
Town Budget Hearing:
The Town Budget Hearing is scheduled for April 26th at 7pm in the Auditorium at Litchfield Intermediate School. Superintendent Sherri Turner, and Director of Business Operations, David Fiorillo, will be presenting the Board of Education's (BOE) proposed budget for FY 2017-18. The budget was approved by the BOE at a 3.1% increase over last year on March 15, 2017. The Board of Finance subsequently recommended reducing the BOE's Budget to 2.3%. In a show of support for the residents of Litchfield, the BOE supported this recommendation. Budget details will be presented on April 26, and there will be an opportunity for discussion afterward.
Custodial Services:   
In 2012, the BOE entered into a contract allowing the Town of Litchfield, overseen by the Board of Selectman (BOS), to manage the custodial personnel responsible for supporting the interior cleanliness of the school buildings. This was in an effort to create efficiencies and reduce costs. Unfortunately, over the past few years the relationship has been strained which has adversely impacted the day-to-day school operations. For example, school administration was not allowed to participate in decisions related to hiring, firing, and transferring custodial staff between buildings. Vacant positions were not filled in a timely fashion, and there have been numerous issues with the lack of providing substitutes when custodial staff were out. We had concerns that the superb custodial staff that we currently have was not being supported adequately.  continued