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To the Editor:
I would like to recommend John Morosani to the Litchfield Board of Education. John grew up in Litchfield and continues to reside here on his family farm after a career in the financial industry in New York.
His expertise is invaluable during these times of dropping enrollment and tighter budgets. Having children of his own, he knows how important the Litchfield Public Schools are to the town.
I highly support and recommend him.

Edward J. Murphy, Jr.
E.J. Murphy Realty, LLC
To the Editor:
As the Republican candidate for the Litchfield Board of Finance I am writing less in response to Jim Stedronsky’s previous letters than to provide my own views on certain issues raised in the letters.
Given the intertwined demographic and economic decline of northwestern Connecticut, everyone should acknowledge that the Town of Litchfield has no choice but to become considerably more efficient, especially in its schools’ budget. In fact at its October 4 meeting the Board of Education approved a grant application to study how Litchfield and surrounding communities can better share resources. And just a few days ago (October 18) at a town meeting Town of Morris First Selectman Thomas Weik stressed the need to regionalize school services or share personnel. While schools should be the main focus, we should continue to look for greater efficiencies in the remainder of the Town of Litchfield budget.
As we have seen so dramatically with the State of Connecticut, there is an inevitable tendency of the political class to defer difficult decisions until those decisions are forced on them. Let’s avoid joining the State of Connecticut in its flirtation with a “death spiral” by planning and implementing now the changes and efficiencies needed to avoid ever increasing property taxes while at the same time ensuring the continued quality of our schools.
I was born and raised in a growing, prosperous Litchfield and spent a decade in its fine public schools. My affection for the town brought me back here and I obviously want to see it continue to prosper.
Richard D. Quay
Republican Candidate for the Litchfield Board of Finance
To the Editor:
We are the two Republican candidates for the Litchfield Board of Education. Both of us see the Litchfield School System as crucial to the success of our Town, and we are committed to making sure that the Town continues to have a high quality school system at a price that the taxpayers can afford.
Here is what we promise to do if elected:
1. Work with the Litchfield Board of Selectmen and the Litchfield Board of Finance to move beyond the dysfunction that currently impedes the working relationships between them and the BOE.
2. Improve communication between the BOE and Litchfield’s parents, students, and residents, and champion transparency in all BOE expenditures, contracts and budgeting.
3. Seek out ways to collaborate with Region 6 and other neighboring school systems to maximize opportunities for our students in the current environment of declining enrollment and decreasing state educational spending aid.
4. Conduct exit interviews with every willing individual who decides to exit the Litchfield School system: parents who dis-enroll a child and teachers/administrators who leave their job. Hearing the concerns of people who are “voting with their feet” is critical to understanding and solving the problems currently facing Litchfield’s schools.
If elected, here is what we bring to the Litchfield Board of Education:
- We have spent a combined 61 years in the business world, and both have extensive experience as board members of not-for-profit organizations.
- We know how to navigate the politics of complex organizations in order to achieve ambitious goals.
- We are passionate about budgetary transparency and ensuring that budgetary allocations are clear to all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and taxpayers.
We ask the people of Litchfield for your votes in this crucial election to fill the Board of Education seats.
Yours truly,
John Morosani and Matt Terzian
Candidates for Litchfield Board of Education
To the Editor:
On October 7, tragedy struck when one of our All-Star Transportation Drivers had an unexpected death of their 7-year-old child. The Litchfield/Region 6 All-Star Location came together to help this family pay for the expenses incurred during this sad time. It is with much appreciation that we thank our local businesses and community for their generous contributions.
Bantam Market (Litchfield, CT)
Bantam Pizza (Litchfield, CT)
Bella Luna Gifts (Morris, CT)
Cardinal Grill (Morris, CT)
Don Giovanni’s (Morris, CT)
DPZ North (Litchfield, CT)
Flowers of Distinction (Litchfield, CT)
Litchfield Pizza (Litchfield, CT)
Ollie’s Pizza (Litchfield, CT)
Personal Touch Car Wash (Litchfield, CT)
Sportsmen’s of Litchfield (Litchfield, CT)
Tavern Off the Green (Litchfield, CT)
Individual Donations
Frank Simone
To the Editor:
I am writing in support of Leo Paul’s candidacy for First Selectman. As this year’s slogan points out, Experience matters! Note the following:
Leo, along with the bipartisan team of Selectmen, has kept our taxes down, given us a better interest rate on loans than either the State or the Federal government, completed multiple building and maintenance projects funded through grants and has worked tirelessly to keep our town among the best places to live in this state.
Focusing on the future, Litchfield can look forward to the continuation of economic development such as promoting growth for businesses along the route 202 corridor, working to keep property taxes low by opening doors for new businesses such as the jail project and the Litchfield Distillery among others. The Main Street Initiative continues to foster the growth of business.
In addition to economic growth, Leo’s focus on affordable housing, energy conservation and conservative fiscal management are key factors where experience counts! Leo’s contributions to many state and regional committees keeps Litchfield at the forefront of state issues, making sure our collective voice is heard in Hartford!
Keeping Leo Paul and the entire bipartisan team in office is vital to the continued health of our town. With the turmoil going on at the state level, we are indeed lucky to have such experienced leaders at the helm, keeping Litchfield and our way of life secure.
Beth Murphy
Dear Editor,
Today I received a piece of litter from Candidate Rosa. It was deposited on my lawn below my mail box. As I drove down Beach St. on my way to two town, I noticed I was not the only recipient, many of the litters had blown all over the road.
Of course I read the litter, all marginally factual, perhaps, but wholly out of context. Mr. Rosa would have us in court defending the abrogation of contractual agreements, shoveling snow on every street in Litchfield, cutting the safety and maintenance of our volunteer vehicles, paying half a million dollars a year to maintain the Bantam Annex among other litterous, ne, ludicrous ideas.
Perhaps we should check his voting record and payment of taxes, although, being a “true conservative” it is likely he wouldn’t risk the 18% statutory interest on the arrearage! Experience Matters, it avoids trouble and unnecessary costs.
Edgar Auchincloss
To the Editor:
Last week, as a candidate for the board of Finance, I discussed the consolidation of Litchfield and the Wamogo school districts..
This week I want to discuss an entirely different  problem: Litchfield’s Boards of Finance, Education and Selectmen are not pulling together with respect to the educational finances of the Town.
One member of the Board of Education recently stated in a letter that he hopes to reduce the “hostility” between the Board of Education and the Board of Selectmen. “Hostililty” is a pretty strong word.
Since joining the Board of Finance last spring, I’ve attended several meetings of the Board of Education and one of it sub-committees, as well as the meetings of the Board of Finance.  What did I see?  There is no ongoing, cooperation between these boards.  Rather there are last minute proposals that the BOE places before the BOF, and the BOF has no background from either the Selectmen of BOE before the formal presentation. The BOF is then left with inadequate information on which to base a good decision.
If elected to the Board of Finance, I propose:
1. The BOF establishes an educational subcommittee and at least one BOF member attends every meeting of the Board of Education and its subcommittees.   
2. The Board of Finance requests that the Chair of the BOF, The Chair of the BOE, the First Selectman,  and the Superintendent of Schools meet once each month to informally discuss matters before them.
Considering that the Education Budget is approximately 65% of the entire town budget, these are not earth-shaking suggestions. There is no reason for any contention between the three most important boards of the Town. If you agree,  I ask for your support and vote for the Board of Finance.
Jim Stedronsky
Candidate Litchfield Board of Finance
As we approach local elections in November, what are the major issues facing each town? What factors do you consider when voting? Have local issues become overshadowed by state and national issues?