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LSC Lower In-House Program
Young soccer players in grades 1 & 2 have been developing their skills on Saturday mornings at White Fields on Route 63 in Litchfield as part of the Litchfield Soccer Club's Lower In-House program.  BZ photos

At the Morris Marketplace on Aug. 31, Olivia Lauretano (right) was joined by friend Ava Pond at a lemonade stand loaned to them by Little Free Library partners Rose Buckens and Jo Ann Jaacks. Olivia also created friendship bracelets and key chains for sale. She has one dog named Bailey, and her family fosters rescued dogs. She was inspired to do fundraising for Austin Pets Alive! (which is transporting and caring for more than 1,000 dogs and cats affected by Hurricane Harvey.) ~ contributed

Litchfield County Courthouse Closing
By Audrey Blondin
On Friday, August 25, 2017 I took a final walk through a place where I began my career as an attorney almost 40 years ago on May 19, 1980.
Years of practice memories came flooding back along with visions of being 9 months pregnant going up and down those stairways on Mondays at Short Calendar.
Upstairs outside of the Judge’s chambers was the desk where the Judge’s Secretary Barbara Bongiolatti held court, day in and day out, knowing everything and everybody and answering every question imaginable with her infectious smile and calm gracefulness.
It was hard to imagine that when I became a member of the bar in 1980, there were not even any computers in the courtroom, never mind iPads, cellphones, texting, and everything else that makes up our modern world.
In the top floor Tower Room the marble walls were just as beautiful as when they were originally constructed in 1888.
Nothing ever stays the same, and as I watched the move continue towards its 5:00 p.m. closing, I couldn’t help but think of the decades of history coming to an end, leaving a giant hole in the heart of Litchfield.
My daughter Rose is excited to be able to practice law in a beautiful new county courthouse and maybe someday her daughter Lily will join her in practice helping to serve future generations in Litchfield County.