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The Market's plan for safer parking lot set in motion (09-11-18)

The parking lot at The Market in Bantam would be revamped to make it safer under a plan the store's owner, David Brenner, will be presenting the Bantam Planning and Zoning Commission. BZ photos
A safer and more efficient parking lot is in the works at The Market in Bantam, which received a boost last week from the Bantam Planning and Zoning Commission.
The commission approved a zone change that opens the door for the business to pursue the plan for the parking lot and its entrance and exit.
The owner of the popular store, David Brenner, sought and received the commission’s approval to change the zoning designation of three adjacent residential properties and one special-use property to commercial, a change that would enable him to combine the properties with the store’s property to form one commercial parcel.
With the zone change in place, Brenner can seek approval to build a driveway leading to the store’s parking lot from Bantam Lake Road. The driveway would be used by delivery trucks to keep them away from the front of the store and out of the path of customers.
The residential properties are 13 Bantam Lake Road, 21 Bantam Lake Road and 30 Tulip Drive, and the special use property is 36 Tulip Drive. Brenner owns 13 Bantam Lake Road and the properties on Tulip Drive. The property at 21 Bantam Lake Road is owned by Pamela M. McCalvin, who supported the proposed zone change.
Brenner will have to return to planning and zoning to ask for approval of a site plan for the new driveway and revamped parking lot and its entrance and exit. He also needs state Department of Transportation approval of the driveway.
Under Brenner’s plan, the current entrance from Bantam Road would be closed and the current exit would be widened into an entrance and exit, a change designed to improve pedestrian safety in the parking lot. Brenner is being represented before planning and zoning by Deninis McMorrow of Berkshire Engineering and Surveying of Bantam and planning consultant Martin Connor of Goshen.